furniture and mattress removal in Roseville CA.

At Roseville Junk Pickup we can remove just about any type of furniture. From dressers, to couches, to tables, to mattresses, we can handle it all.

And while we are equipped to remove all furniture, mattress removal is one of the most essential furniture removal services we provide.

We can remove furniture and mattresses from homes, hotels, motels, and pretty much any type of business or organization. We provide this service to Roseville and all surrounding areas.

One thing you must understand about mattresses is that they cannot be thrown out on the curb. They must be handled in a professional manner. Doing that requires the help of a legit junk hauling company.

Which by the way is exactly what we are. We know how to remove and dispose of your mattress in the right way.

If your mattress is still in good condition, instead of throwing it out we will donate it to a local charity. If on the other hand the mattress is no longer in good condition, we will remove it from the property and dispose of it in the proper manner.

Please note, if you wish for your mattress to be donated to a particular charity, it is your responsibility to contact that charity ahead of time. Before scheduling a pickup, you will need to make sure the charity accepts used mattresses.

If you cannot find a charity to accept your mattress, we will simply take it to the nearest recycling center. They will be able to put it to good use.

Once you have made the needed arrangements, give us a call to schedule a pick up. During the call we will provide you with a free quote. The quote is all inclusive and will include pickup and delivery.

If there is a chance your mattress is infested with bed bugs, please let us know during the initial call. This way our team will arrive prepared for the task at hand. We also ask that you place a note on the mattress that reads “contains bed bugs”.

This will ensure everyone knows to take extra precautions when moving the mattress. If this type of situation is mishandled it can lead to the bed bugs spreading.

Ready to get that old furniture or mattress out the way? Give Roseville Junk Pickup a call today for a free quote on furniture and mattress removal in Roseville CA. We may even be able to provide you with same day service. Call now to find out.

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